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If Rom-Coms Were Made for Feminists

October 21, 2015

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“You complete me.” It’s a phrase that’s been uttered into handkerchiefs and Ben & Jerry’s pints hundreds of times by teens and mothers alike, but one that also possesses troubling implications about modern romance. I’m not referring to the surprisingly large percent of the population who foster a love for Tom Cruise, though that is indeed troubling. I’m talking about the suggestion that many classic rom-coms imply that a woman’s happiness is dependent upon her love for a man, that she is not complete unless she is spooning on Friday night with someone of the opposite gender. In fact, rom-coms are pretty terrible at reflecting feminist views all around. What if we could fix that? What if romantic-comedies were designed with modern, independent ladies in mind?

men who have feelings and are okay with it

pretty in whatever color I want

you've got male privledge

pretty independent woman

there's something about male patriarchy

i don't need you but i want you

you complement me

Big thanks to Linnea Ryan and Allie Kerper, among others, for providing the inspiration for this post.

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