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Misheard Lyrics: Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips

September 4, 2013

I have a tendency to mishear things. Conversations, words in passing, song lyrics, you name it. I try to blame it on my age but I’ve found that no one takes you seriously when you say “my ears are dying” unless you’ve over the age of 50. Regardless, my countless efforts to shift the blame for my embarrassing misunderstandings has not prevented the embarrassing misunderstandings from occurring, which makes listening to music with friends a daily struggle. This post is a snippet of what I have to deal with and if you guys like it, maybe I’ll make it a regular thing. If not, then I never liked you anyway and I’m taking you off my future Christmas card mailing list. I’m a Christmas fiend. You would have loved them. Too bad.

Lyrics + Commentary:

When life leaves you high and dry,
I’ll be at your door tonight
if you need help, if you need help
I’ll shut down the sitting lights,    (Great use of personification, Phillip.)
I’ll lie, cheat, I’ll beg and bribe,
To make your well, to make your well.   (They have plumbing now, you know.)
When enemies are at your door,
I’ll carry you away for more     (I guess you can always use more enemies.)
if you need help, if you need help.
Your hope dangling, buy a string.   (You never know when you’ll need an extra string.)
I’ll share in your suffering,
to make you well, to make you well.

Give me reasons to, Beliebs,   
that you would do the same for me,

And I will do it for you, for you.
Baby I’m not mowing on,
I’ll love your lawn after you’re gone.       (What a lawn fanatic.)
For you, for you.
You will never sleep alone,
I’ll love you long after you’re gone.
Long after you’re gone gone gone.

When you fall like, astatchoo,
I’m gonna be there to, ACHOO.     (You really should get that cold checked out.)
Put you on your feet, you on your feet.
And if your well is empty,
Not a thing will prevent me
Tell me what you need, what do you need?

I surrender on a sleeve.   
You’ve always done the same for meat. 


You’re my back bone, you’re my quarter stone.   (I’m unfamiliar with this form of currency.)
You’re my crush when my legs stop moving     (Only the disabled can have crushes.)
You’re my Ed Stark, you’re my running heart    (A GAME OF THRONES REFERENCE YES.)  
You’re the post that I’ve always needed
Like a drum-baby don’t stop beating      (Drum-baby. Must be like a food-baby.)            
Like a drum-baby don’t stop beating
Like a drum-baby don’t stop beating
Like a drum my heart never stops beating


Like a drum-baby don’t stop beating
Like a drum-baby don’t stop beating
Like a drum-baby don’t stop beating
Like a drum my heart never stops beating for you
And long after you’re gong, gong, gong.    (Personification and onomatopoeia in the same song?)
I love you long after you’re gong, gong, gong.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. unncleal permalink
    September 6, 2013 8:48 am

    You are a crazy talented and hilarious writer. Keep it up. Cheers.

  2. tintobear permalink
    September 15, 2013 5:14 am

    This made me giggle so much. I mishear things all the time as well. On reflection I think what happens is I stop listening after the first syllable and then my brain just fills in the rest – sometimes with worrying results… I misread things in the same way as well when I just glance at stuff. The song non-lyric that really sticks in my mind (primarily because of my dad’s horrified reaction) was thinking Don McLean sang, “I was a lonely teenage drunken f*** with a pink carnation and a pick-up truck” in American Pie. xx

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